Richard Cann, Ph.D.

President, Black Diamond Systems LLC

124 Harbourton-Woodsville Road

Lambertville, NJ


(609) 818-9288




The Dinogroup

2000 - present :: Dinosaur Securities, LLC

Design and implementation of an international financial order routing system, including hardware, software, database.  Data center setup in NYC and São Paulo, Brazil.  Ongoing development and client/vendor interfaces.

Design and implementation of the Dinogroup's web/database Content Management System

Implement email scanning and archiving system to satisfy SEC requirements

Design and implementation of the Dinogroup's web/database Price Screens, Trade Entry and Clearing Systems

On the Web

2002 – present

Design and implementation of dynamic web based Content Management Systems.

§  Customized Websites for the presentation and sale of objects: Show It, Sell It

§  User controlled webware to manage Itineraries: Manage My Gigs

§  User friendly software to Web edit and display database data:    Add a Database

Web hosting and server administration.


Synectics Financial Engineering


Code review, organization and cleanup of a web based portfolio optimization system.  Final implementation to be realized on a 100x Mac G5 cluster.

The Independence Clearing System

1993 - 2008 :: Tullett and Tokyo Liberty, Liberty Brokerage, Patriot Securities and Cowen Government Brokers

Design and implementation of the Independence Back Office Clearing System (Indy).


Design and implementation of the Independence Repo Collateral Substitution system (ReCess).


1998 -2001 :: Garban InterCapital, Inc.

Implementation and maintenance of an Independence Repo Collateral system.


2000 - present :: Atlantic Trading & Technical Services

Evaluation of Internet Stock Trading and other Financial Systems for purchase and/or lease by Atlantic.


Real Time Financial System Development 

1987 - 1992, 1997 - 1998 :: Market Data Corporation

Design and implementation of MDC's real time Broker System


1985-1986 :: Cantor Fitzgerald

Design and implementation of the real time data distribution system C/Speed.


Intelligent Market Research and Telemarketing Systems

1981 - 1986 :: CRC Information Systems, Inc.

Design and Implementation of the Athena interactive telemarketing system. Created tools to allowed for the dynamic generation of research scripts using Boolean logic, and programs to display same to the researchers.
Installation and maintenance at DuPont, GTE and several dozen other sites.


1979 - 1983 :: Response Analysis Corporation, Princeton, NJ

Design and Implementation of multiple interactive systems for the collection and analysis of research for the US Department of Energy.

1980 - 1981 :: US Department of Energy, Washington, DC

Programs for the analysis of research data, including standard statistical analysis.

1976 - 1979 :: Health Products Research, Somerville, NJ

Microprocessor based programming for the real time collection and analysis of health related data.

1975 - 1979 :: Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ

VAX programming for real time collection and analysis of child interaction data.


C/C++, PHP, Java, SQL, Perl, PL/SQL, Centura/Gupta, Visual Basic, HTML, Javascript, Pascal, PL/1, PL/M, FORTRAN, PICK, COBOL, numerous assembly and scripting languages.


MySQL, Oracle, Ingres, Sybase, SQL Server


Linux, Unix, Windows, Macintosh, DOS, CPM, PICK, various proprietary minicomputer and mainframe systems.


1978    Ph.D., Princeton University
1972    BA, Princeton University


An Analysis / Synthesis Tutorial, a chapter in “Foundations of Computer Music”, MIT Press 1985

Guitarist on “Fireworks”, MCA Songbird records, 1982

Bonnylee” (computer realized composition), recorded on “Electronic Music Winners”, Columbia records, 1976

Contribution of Aromatic Residue Interactions to the Stability of Myoglobin

V.  Enhancement by Aromatic Compounds of the Rate of Heat Denaturation

Cann and Cann, Biophysical Journal, 1970



United States Chess Federation, American Go Association (2-dan tournament rating), Recording Industry Association of America

Active Jazz / Avant-Garde guitarist, pianist, violinist.