The Dinogroup

The underlying content management software for the Dinogroup's website was designed and implemented by Black Diamond.
We have also designed and implemented the Dinogroup's Trade Entry, Maintenance and Clearing system.

The Indy Clearing System

The Indy Clearing System has supported trade entry, maintenance, clearing and reporting for
Tullett and Tokyo Liberty, Liberty Brokerage, Patriot Securities and Cowen Government Brokers.
The system includes real time communication with major banks and regulatory organizations.

Show It Sell It

Demo area for Black Diamond's web based content management system.

Pat Martino

The website of Jazz Guitar legend Pat Martino.
Black Diamond designed and implemented this site, gearing it towards users worldwide with 56K modems.
On average, this site receives 5,000 hits per day - 500 individual viewers at an average 10 pages per session.
Portions of this site are maintained by Mr. Martino using Black Diamond's content management system.

Web Programming, Administration and Hosting

Black Diamond works with clients and graphic artists to design and host websites.
Our specialty is designing websites around interactive databases.

Contact Us

Contact and Resume information.